There’s unrelenting pressure to anticipate customer needs and quickly produce new products. Loyalty is earned by delivering new technology, features and functions at a pace that surpasses competitors in your core specialty—and keeps up with them everywhere else.

Agile methods result in better prioritization of efforts, which results in quicker delivery of features which are important to the product owner. It promotes creative thinking and smart changes throughout a project so the end-point is better than what could have been conceived at the beginning.

As with any systemic change, Agile comes with costs and challenges such as organizational inertia, change management, mindset shifts, new job roles, and retooling, for example. Agile methodology can be applied in a variety of situations where break-through creativity and the ability to deliver rapid results are important.

Considering Agile? Ignore the hype and get educated. Examine Agile practices to see if they match up with your organization, project and particular business need. By taking a critical look at how Agile will impact all involved you might find the answer you’re hoping for. Or, realize it may not fit the situation.