Point B Capital taps the intellectual and tactical resources provided by our portfolio companies, network of other VCs, corporate VCs (CVCs), Private Equity firms, Corporate Development groups, and start-up ecosystems. This notable amalgamation of experts and innovative ideas we have been building upon since 2010 brings an uncommon value to corporate CXOs, PE firms and their companies, as well as other corporate and university VCs.

Point B Capital is a team of experienced venture capitalists, past entrepreneurs, and leaders with diverse expertise from 25+ portfolio company investments. We utilize 1 + 1 = 3 mentalities to look at initiatives and ideas from an investor perspective, and to help companies and investors unlock and unleash innovative and powerful ideas that have practical pathways to new and transformational realities.

Our Expertise

Private Equity

The price of acquisitions and a competitive PE market means it’s more imperative than ever to create additional enterprise value in portfolio companies. Point B Investment Services connects PE firms and their portfolio companies with the appropriate resources to maximize value and free up team capacity. Learn more.

Executive VC & Innovation Briefings

Join us for a day that informs perspectives on industry innovation and business disruption. Our team connects executives of Point B industry-leading customers with some of the most successful enterprise Venture Capital firms and visionary leaders of their portfolio companies to develop first-order, leader-to-leader contact and rapport. Interact with accomplished entrepreneurs and VCs to gain valuable insights on what is most relevant to their business, for today and for well into the future.

University and Corporate VC

Need help organizing your investments? Through our services, we can help clean up your investments, from helping you understand the change in valuation to a liquidity event.
FundSight is a portfolio management software for university venture capital funds, serving to manage and report on funds for proper tracking and up to date insights. For more information, visit FundSight.co.

Corporate Development

Point B Capital works with Point B consulting in helping corporate development functions think through and execute acquisitions and implementation strategies, due diligence, and acquisition [procurement] and divestiture planning.