“Her uplifting presence sets the tone”

We’re proud to announce that Janice Selvy is Point B’s Blue Standard winner for the quarter. Janice has been steadfast through a year of significant leadership changes in the Bay Area practice, acting as a consistent driving force in preserving the culture in the Bay Area during a dynamic time in our history. “Janice has been a touchstone for everyone in this market as we’ve grown the business,” says senior director Jim Wulff. “She has a calming and uplifting presence that really helps keep us together.”

Janice earned six years of repeat engagements at Cisco. “The client trusts her and relies on her,” says Pete Wolff. “It’s not hard to see why—when she says she’s going to do something, she does it, and does it well.” Jim Wulff adds, “She balances a busy load of client engagements with internal operational roles, and you’ll never hear her complain. What you will see is her stepping up and following through.”

In a highly competitive field of nominees, Janice stood out for her outstanding leadership in Point B’s Bay Area market. She helped drive the hiring process for the new market director, making the transition smooth and efficient. “Her humble, collaborative leadership style is well respected among her colleagues and peers; her honesty in communication is unparalleled,” Wulff says. “We simply cannot imagine not having her on the team.” Patrick McCauley adds, “She’s a big advocate for the market, and a terrific team player.”

Janice was an influential early member of the Bay Area practice and has held a number of operational director roles there—sometimes more than one at a time. She consistently contributes to recruiting, culture, and community involvement efforts. She embodies Point B values and culture throughout the Bay Area community with her involvement in the AVON 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer. She also played a pivotal role in the Point B’s 20th Anniversary getaway celebration by creating an inclusive, connected employee experience.

“Janice doesn’t wait for the next thing—she drives us there,” McCauley says. “She causes the right change at the right time so that we can keep growing.”