While moving initiatives forward, Jason Hirschhorn always has one foot in the present moment. It’s a practice built on the foundation of his guiding principles: listen, question, empathize, understand, collaborate, simplify, and resolve. His presence at Point B for the past eight years has provided a kind and level-headed approach when defining and solving problems and bringing the best of Point B to our customers. “Jason is the voice of reason. He’s respectful and open, collaborative, empathetic, and even keeled and never scattered,” says Laura Hamm, a fellow Point B’er. “He is always looking for ways to improve. He helps mediate, move things forward and always makes time. You always feel like you can ask him for help.” Jason has been integral in expanding Point B’s impact in the Bay Area with leading Life Sciences customers and is one of the main reasons Point B’ers are seen as partners in the many projects they take on. He has worn many different hats in his time here at Point B but has always kept the individuals around him in focus, encouraging them to tackle tough challenges and navigate and grow into their own success.  

More about Jason—in his own words 

Proud moment:  
In general, my proudest moments have been when I have had the chance to be involved in other people’s success whether that’s been helping promote someone who’s ready to take the next step in their career, or helping a customer see a problem differently while planning and executing an initiative, getting the tricky decisions made, designing and delivering a great presentation that moves stakeholders forward, or even seeing customers take the next step forward in their careers.

Fondest Point B memory:  
There have been lots over the years, but the one that jumps out was a weeklong trip to Basel, Switzerland with a couple other Point B’ers, where we engaged in a weeklong workshop. We had active facilitation by day and participated in fine eating, drinking and discussions by night. That trip, and the great conversations and relationships we formed, always bring a smile to my face. 

Passions and hobbies:  
My family. We have a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, and they keep me busy! Our friends live near and far, and in this last year, we’ve had to be more creative to spend time with them in various ways. In addition, anything baseball-related, watching good shows and finding great spots to eat and order takeout from are the main ways I spend my free time.

Must watch:   
Recently, White LotusMare of Easttown and Schitt’s Creek, and Ted Lasso. I am a big NBA basketball fan, so the Boston Celtics (my hometown team) and the Golden State Warriors (my adopted team) are often watched.  

Why Point B:  
It’s the people that we get to work with, both customers and colleagues. It’s the authentic, pragmatic, and interesting people we hire and the caliber of customers we get to solve problems with. That’s what makes work interesting and rewarding. Plus, a decent amount of coffee. 

“Is the juice worth the squeeze?” I have adopted that phrase from a former boss and find myself using it often. It’s really meant to indicate whether the effort spent on something is worth what we get from it. Are we being smart with our effort? Because if we aren’t, we or the customer should consider doing it differently. 

The secret to human-centered change:  
It’s all about building relationships and understanding context and history. I believe lasting change at any level—within a company, a government or an individual—starts with an understanding of the change that is needed. And then having a great plan with relationships that are built on trust and credibility to make the change happen.