This quarter, our Blue Standard Award honors Karen Wren for the extraordinary way she takes care of more than 500 clients—her fellow associates at Point B. 

As benefits manager for Point B, “Karen gives 110 percent every day, every week, every year to everyone in the firm,” says COO EJ Blanchfield. “She manages the annual benefits process. She helps new employees understand our benefits and make the best choices when they join us. She knows all the ins and outs in helping each associate make the most of their benefits for themselves and their families. And she does it all with compassion and empathy that is so ‘Point B.’”

For nearly 10 years, Karen has been at the forefront in bringing new and better benefits to the firm. She is a passionate promoter of our ownership culture and an innovator in translating that culture into healthcare and wellness benefits. And the exceptional level of personal service she provides to us gets rave reviews.

“She makes you feel like you have your own personal concierge,” says Total Rewards Director Jeff Worthington. “But she offers that level of support to everyone.”

The stories are legend. During open enrollment, Karen has made herself available over the weekend to help associates choose the best benefits. She’s helped associates with unique healthcare situations. She called an associate from the airport as she was boarding a plane, to help them think through a decision that would negatively impact their benefits. And she takes on every challenge with absolute professionalism, supporting associates with patience and grace.

In addition to directing the daily demands of benefit management, Karen is a consummate Point B steward who is always thinking about the bigger picture on behalf of the firm. She was the genesis of wellness benefits for Point B and is always coming up with fun programs to get us out of our chairs and educating us about ways to stay healthy. She is also astute in making sure the firm is spending wisely on benefits, saving money for our employee-owned firm while getting better healthcare offerings for our people.

Karen’s expertise in healthcare and benefits is recognized and sought outside the firm as a subject matter expert for our clients and as co-chair of the Purchasers Affinity Group at Washington Healthcare Alliance.

Her positive impact is so tangible at both the associate and firm level that one member of the Blue Standard nominating team remarked, “Karen is part of the benefit package at Point B.” That’s something we can all feel very good about.

About The Blue Standard Award

Each quarter, the Point B Blue Standard recognizes an individual or team at our firm, a client organization, a portfolio company or in the community that exemplifies Point B’s values through extraordinary leadership. The Blue Standard-bearer is chosen by Point B’s President of Consulting, Chuck Ritter. More than a short-term award, the Blue Standard is an enduring honor that distinguishes its recipients throughout their careers.