The World is Your Oyster at Point B: An Interview with Kristy Shirvani

Until a few years ago, Point B only hired seasoned management consultants with more than eight years of experience. That business model changed when the firm hired its first associate, Kristy Shirvani.

After completing law school and working at law firms for a few years, Kristy began seeking other opportunities. In 2010, she joined Point B as a contract analyst. She worked with a variety of clients and felt welcomed into the Point B family even though she was not a full-time employee.

In 2011, Point B piloted the associate role with Kristy. The pilot was a success. Clients responded positively, her engagements were extended, and Point B’ers made sure she had the support she needed to succeed.

When she was hired as a full-time employee, she was the only junior-level person in the firm who worked on client-facing projects. In just four years, she progressed from being an Analyst to an Associate to a Senior Associate who now plays an important role in interviewing Associate-level candidates.

“It’s great because I’m so close to the Associate Program that I’m able to share with candidates the exciting experiences I’ve had working with great clients,” she said.

Challenging and rewarding client work

Under Point B’s Project Leadership framework, Kristy has had opportunities to work in a variety of industries, from engineering to healthcare to high tech.

“I have never felt pigeonholed in any project or industry,” she said. “I feel like I’ve already had several careers at Point B because I’m always trying something new and challenging myself.

“The level of work that we’re able to get is very exciting. We’re working on high-visibility projects where we’re really valued by the client. Point B provides opportunities that make the firm stand out. There’s a strong focus on client service delivery, and after that, the world is your oyster.”

Strong support system

Kristy describes the mentorship and support system at Point B as being multi-layered, like an onion.

At the first layer—the client site—the account leader provides her with a wealth of project-specific and client-related knowledge and expertise. At the second layer, her Foundations Partner constantly reached out to make sure she had what she needs to flourish at Point B. At the final layer, her 1:1 Director (her manager) acts as her advocate, knows her personal and professional goals, and helps her find ways to achieve them.

“My 1:1 Director has always been there to help me find my path. I never saw her as a boss, even though she was. I have never had an advocate like that at any other job.”

Growth and opportunities

Kristy never settled for a straight and narrow career path, and she found a like-minded spirit at Point B.

“At Point B, you can take on new opportunities to learn; you’ll never get the same project twice. There aren’t lines drawn in the sand, and you can flourish at your own pace. It’s rare to have that entrepreneurial spirit in a workplace, but Point B provides that,” she said.

She looks forward to future opportunities to merge her previous law career with her current work.

“If you want to come in and you find a niche in a service line, there are opportunities to get involved, whether you’re junior or senior. It depends on each person’s personal growth plan, and Point B is flexible in working with you to achieve your goals.”