We help our clients realize their visions, from integrating acquisitions and launching new products to developing new medical centers and helping start-ups accelerate their growth. Over the 25+ years that we've been leading complex initiatives, what we've learned is that change is hard for our clients when trying to run and transform their business at the same time. They benefit from the practical approach to change and the focus on outcomes that Point B delivers.

We bring in right-sized, agile teams that know how to work alongside existing teams, within their culture. And when we leave, client teams are armed with new knowledge and the skills needed to move forward.


Our experts bring a deep understanding of evolving customer demands and changing industry environments.


We customize solutions across our capabilities and expertise, and tailor them to our clients' specific needs.

We measure client satisfaction after each and every consulting engagement, and we consistently score at the top of our industry. That’s why 67% of our work comes from repeat customers, even though we’re growing. Here’s what our clients say about what it’s like to work with us:

“Point B became a trusted partner, bringing in operational insights to pave the way for successful execution of our strategic initiative.” VP of Digital Commerce, Fortune 50 Retailer
“Point B brought in a way of thinking that elevated the internal mindset and got us successfully through this inflection point.” CEO, Expedia

We’re recognized for being different.

We care about creating a great culture that attracts great people. That’s why we win workplace awards every year, both at the national and local levels. And it’s why we can hire and keep talented experts who not only deliver exceptional results for our clients, but are a pleasure to work with.

Here are some recent awards that we’re proud of: