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Point B has accepted an invitation to be a founding member of Mission 6 in its quest to help corporations lead the world to net-zero. As a leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) consulting, Point B has distinguished itself in the market by bringing an inter-disciplinary, values-driven approach to affect sustainable, systematic change across organizations. The Mission 6 initiative is unique in its approach to making the largest impact on reducing emissions as companies work to reach their net-zero goals.  

Capital planning for sustainability initiatives is always a challenge and the Mission 6 model creates value inside of current spend while moving an expense into the asset column. Leveraging the true value of carbon is a novel way to drive faster deployment of projects that mitigate carbon. Corporations now have a new way to fund the resources necessary for launching and delivering projects.  

Kelly O’Rourke, Point B Executive Vice President, and Garrett Kephart, Head of ESG Consulting at Point B, will serve on the Mission 6 Advisory Board. Each has contributed valuable insight to the Mission 6 team over the last six months and will have the ability to help guide the effort in the future. “It is important for us to be involved in efforts like Mission 6, as we work closely with customers to help them accelerate their ability to advance their ESG goals. Adding Mission 6 to the Point B ESG ecosystem provides our customers with additional opportunities to drive meaningful progress towards their net-zero goals,” said O’Rourke. 

“We are very excited to have Point B as a Mission 6 Founding Member. There are many consulting firms emphasizing ESG and sustainability but Point B has assembled a team that stands alone in the industry. With industry veterans that bring over 20 years’ experience in a relatively new space, it is easy to see why so many companies are partnering with Point B,” said Kevin Carriere, CEO of Mission 6.  

Mission 6 is a profit-driven ecosystem directed to solve the issues associated with the current carbon markets. By empowering the supply and demand sides of the market, corporations can now participate in a completely different way to lead the world to net-zero, and Mission 6 creates the opportunity for a +500% increase in the size of the carbon market. Mission 6 makes sustainability profitable at a global scale.  

Mission 6 unlocks the real value of carbon. Carbon Assets™ can be included on the balance sheet. Emission-reducing investments are now much more attractive because they are carbon-backed digital assets. The Mission 6 carbon asset (M6) can be exchanged on cryptocurrency markets where everyone can participate in saving energy and mitigating emissions. 

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