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Seattle, WA - 

Point B, a consulting firm that puts humans at the center of change, has launched Insights Hub, a dedicated team that gives organizations the right combination of applied analytics talent and technology-enabled solutions to drive fast, flexible and scalable outcomes.

Flexible solutions and virtual delivery models are especially important in today’s business environment. Insights Hub is helping customers leverage data to take action on their biggest challenges today, while also building forward-looking insights to help them prepare for the uncertain challenges still ahead – including demand forecasting, customer acquisition and retention, customer and employee sentiment, labor optimization, competitive and pricing intelligence, forensic analysis and operations, and performance management.

Beyond solving for today’s unique challenges, Insights Hub was launched to help companies who find themselves “data-rich but insights-poor.” For many, investments in data and technology assets have not yielded the expected outcomes due to several obstacles, including:

  • Attracting and retaining talent with the right analytics skills
  • Analytics demand exceeding available capacity of existing data & analytics staff
  • Existing data & analytics resources not “understanding the business”
  • Misaligned or insufficient investment resources in analytics talent and tools based on the needs and expectations of the business.

“In today’s environment, competition for analytics talent is at an all-time high, creating significant capacity and skill gaps for our customers,” said Point B’s Director of Analytics, Tory Tolton. “Insights from business-savvy analytics talent applied on-demand, where and when it’s needed most, can solve some of the biggest challenges. We’re giving organizations a powerful lever to get those insights quickly – without the hassle of recruiting top talent and the infrastructure overhead to support them.”

The Point B Insights Hub team offers virtual and on-site delivery options, and the team is equipped to deliver solutions "on-premise" or within the Point B Insights Generator™ platform. Insights Hub offers on-demand access to experienced analytics resources, custom analytics technology and automation solutions tailored to specific business needs, or a combination of both people and technology to generate the most meaningful and impactful insights.

“The proliferation of data and emergence of new technologies continue to accelerate, making the process of insight development both complex and expensive,” said Point B Director of Technology, Kevin Mackey. “Our Insights Hub team – and Insights Generator™ platform – help customers bypass these roadblocks by providing end-to-end outsourced solutions, access to leading-edge technologies, and pre-packaged accelerators that return customer value with minimized investment.”

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