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Point B Inc., an integrated management consulting, venture investment, and property development firm, has announced a new offering to help leaders and teams identify and effectively manage across generational differences within the workplace. The firm’s fast-paced, in-person half-day “workshop” helps participants tie the complexities and opportunities of working in a diverse generational environment back to their company culture.

Specifically, Point B’s half-day workshop will help clients do the following:

  • Demystify the top five generation behaviors, traits, and characteristics that are present in the workforce today
  • Provide tangible steps to engage your workforce
  • Jump-start intergenerational team communication, collaboration, and learning, so that regardless of age, teams are aligned and ‘acting as one’

The firm recently delivered the workshop for Colorado Blood Cancer Institute (CBCI) to help the organization with successful cross-generational coordination and teaming. “Understanding the complexities and opportunities of our diverse generational environment has been very important for us,” commented CBCI Administrator Lyssa Towl. “Point B helped us with tangible steps to engage our workforce and improved our intergenerational team communication, collaboration and learning."

 “Companies that engage and understand employees across generations and help them team are better at executing on their mission, vision, and values. This understanding also allows them to create an intentional culture that builds on the key needs, motivators, and workstyles of their teams,” said Point B generational expert Julie Smith.

As a top place for both Millennials and Gen Xers to work according to Fortune magazine, Point B has developed successful strategies and approaches to harness talent and engage employees, regardless of age. The firm has helped clients navigate workplace challenges, successfully shifted workforces (from silos to intergenerational), and helped clients win in the war for attracting and retaining top talent.

For more details on how Point B helps organizations and teams conquer generational differences, please contact Julie Smith,

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