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Firm leader becomes part of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ social justice fellowship to advance racial equity

Point B, a consulting firm that puts humans at the center of change, is proud to announce that Lauren Wilkins has been named a fellow for the CEO Action for Racial Equity, a fellowship from the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ (CEO Action) coalition that brings leaders together to collaborate and advance racial equity through public policy. 

Through the CEO Action for Racial Equity, nearly 250 fellows, representing more than 100 CEO Action signatory organizations, work together to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that will address system racism, social injustice and improve societal well-being. Fellows will focus their efforts on four key areas of societal well-being: education, healthcare, public safety and economic empowerment.

“When reviewing Point B’s list of accomplished applicants for the CEO Action for Racial Equality fellowship, our choice was clear,” said Point B Chief Executive Officer and CEO Action member since 2018 Mike Pongon.  “Lauren is remarkably passionate and committed to bringing about social justice reform and addressing systemic racism. She’s a genuine person with a deeply good heart, and she thinks at a systems level - while understanding and attending to the people involved in a transition or change. Her leadership ability has been proven and celebrated by Point B clients in the Portland area, where she’s known for bringing creative solutions to simplify complexity. In short, her clients and teams highly value her – as do those in her community. We’re proud to have her represent Point B as a CEO Action for Racial Equity fellow and to continue our commitment to work collectively and drive real progress towards a more diverse and inclusive world.”  

“The CEO Action for Racial Equity is a tremendous opportunity to carve a path forward towards very necessary and specific policy change,” said Point B Consultant and CEO Action for Racial Equity fellow Lauren Wilkins. “The work this fellowship is tackling will be a foundational step towards dismantling the contemporary ‘otherness’ black people experience in the workplace and in our communities. I’m beyond excited and honored to serve my workplace and community in this capacity, as we rise to the occasion of creating much-needed, sustainable change.” 

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