How are our customers feeling about Point B? This is a question we ask ourselves every day. And every year, we look to our Net Promoter Score (NPS) research for an independent reality check on how we're doing. We like the fact that NPS measures customer satisfaction based on their likelihood to recommend Point B, as well as on several key dimensions of satisfaction including responsiveness, value and results. And we like that, year after year, our customers tell us that we’re among the top companies in the country, across all industries, for customer satisfaction. 

5 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships

The numbers are the most interesting part of the story. Point B’s NPS is 73, which is four times higher than the consulting NPS average of 17. Which, put in simple terms, means our customers are three times more satisfied with our commitment, responsiveness and focus than others in our industry. Our goal is to always bring our authentic, curious selves to your business challenges, to lead with empathy and to bring you actionable insight for success. Read how Brian Turner, Point B’s President of Consulting, thinks you can do the same.

But we know we're only part of the equation. It takes clients who value what we bring to the table and the relationship we create together. So thank you to our clients who bring purpose to our work and who have helped us build one of the strongest service organizations in the country.