In 2010 we created our own investment platform, Point B CapitalTM, and started a VC fund which currently includes 13 portfolio companies.  Our seasoned team comes from investing, entrepreneurial, operating, capital markets, and consulting backgrounds. We understand how to advise in a way that demonstrates true partnership. We’ve even developed portfolio management software, Point B FundSightTM for university venture capital funds to ensure proper tracking and up-to-date insights. We’re uniquely qualified to help you with your own strategic investments. 

Our Solutions

Explore & Invest in Future Growth

For those of us without a crystal ball, identifying future business opportunities can be a daunting task. For organizations seeking new sources of revenue and opportunities to grow their business, our methodology can help you understand your innovation needs with more clarity, allowing you to build capacity and a culture of innovation.

Invest in a Sustainable Future

Getting sustainability right for your organization will yield game-changing short and long-term value for your business, your stakeholders and the planet. Whether you're rethinking your supply chain to reduce emissions, optimizing product inputs to minimize waste, or developing a data and analytics strategy to inform decision-making, integrating sustainability into your organization’s strategy uniquely positions your business for success - all while mitigating risk in a rapidly-changing world. Time and time again, we see new sustainable investments, business models and financing drive competitive advantages, unlock customer loyalty, and attract and engage employees. Learn more.

Optimize the Value of M&A

Deals get done for a lot of reasons: strategy, investment, taxes, you name it. To get the deal done right, it helps to be clear about the reasons behind the deal—and to communicate those to everyone affected. We help customers navigate the tricky waters of mergers and acquisitions to help clarify the business goals behind the deal so that everyone works together to achieve them. From conducting effective diligence processes, preparing for critical Close and Day One activities, and supporting you through the post-integration roadmap, our team is here to support you. 

Maximize the Return of Capital Investments

The price of acquisitions and a competitive private equity market means it’s more imperative than ever to create additional enterprise value in portfolio companies. We connect private equity firms and their portfolio companies with the appropriate resources to maximize value and free up team capacity. 

Scale for Growth

It's one thing to develop a growth strategy, and quite another to get your organization to follow your strategy. We develop cross-functional, cross-departmental roadmaps that help build sustainable, transformative change as you scale your business.