As Point B's customer base continues to grow in both size and complexity, so, too, does complexity grow in getting the right Point B’er lined up for the right customer. So, it's good to know that Denver Resource Manager Paula Reed is behind the scenes, going the extra mile to make sure we're equipped to deliver the right person at the right time – every time. For embodying Point B's values every step of the way in this critical role for our customers and people, we honor Paula with the Point B Blue Standard Award.

"Paula has truly transformed our supply-side management," said Kyle Ocasek, Denver Practice Director. "In its infancy, flexible supply was a concept that did not have known partners or established processes. Paula embraced that and jumped in to solve issues with concrete solutions. She led the way in sourcing candidates from Expert Velocity and forming partnerships with other outside vendors. She guides associates with patience and understanding as they work through the change curve of flexible supply, working methodically through the challenges and presenting solutions that balance optimism with realism. Her role over the past year has been one of the most challenging I've seen at Point B, but she's never complained or shown any frustration. What I and others always hear is a steady and calm, 'We'll figure this out.'"

At a time of rising demand across multiple markets, Paula demonstrates grace under incredible pressure to figure out supply solutions quickly. She helps define and staff complex team engagements that require associates from across Point B practices and partner companies. She has been challenged with countless "impossible" requests with immediate turnaround times that come in at all hours of the day and weekends. With everything on her plate, she remains proactive, serving as a liaison between Resource Management and Recruiting because, as she has said, "we hire-to-demand more than ever." Her active role in Recruiting not only supports her role as a Resource Manager, but also contributes to building talent within her markets.

Paula has an uncanny ability to tune into people and build relationships that strengthen the Point B brand. She works closely with account leaders and practice directors to anticipate their needs and stays in close touch with associates' personal and career goals to make effective matches. Recognizing that "bench time" is a transitional time that can be stressful, she helps associates on the bench to connect with clients by socializing their availability in the right way. She takes employee ownership to heart in the many ways she advances Point B's growing resourcefulness across multiple supply paths. Account leaders, portfolio leaders and the executive team look to her as a solution provider who is always thinking about new ways to solve demand challenges by using a range of resources.

The most rewarding part of her work? Helping someone further their career. "Because I know our people, I can recommend which roles may help them achieve their goals," she said. Having joined Point B in 2009 as a consultant, she's able to draw on years of customer service and account leadership to set up engagements for success.

As a leader who prefers to shine the spotlight on others, it's no surprise that Paula wants to share this award with everyone working behind the scenes to keep Point B's front line strong. "Our resource management team sits behind the scenes, but we keep the engine running every day by helping to enable sales and keeping our people productive " she said. "With so much dependency across practices, we couldn’t do it without each other.  Working together to get the right person into each role has a lot to do with our success."