This quarter, Point B Blue Standard recognizes the performance of a large account team in Phoenix. This team rises above the day-to-day consulting engagement level to work as a true business partner with its client.  As a result, the team will soon receive public recognition as a “Supplier of the Year” for outstanding client service.

“This Point B team was the first within the firm to launch a managed services arrangement with a client,” said Phoenix senior associate Mark Eversden.  “This unique delivery model simplifies life for everyone. The client gets predicable capacity and high quality at agreed-upon rates; Point B gets predictable utilization, volume and a long-term agreement. The relationship is based on a strong foundation of trust.”

The account team’s performance is especially impressive given the scale, complexity and deadline-driven pressures of the work. Altogether, they have delivered on 150 projects. Currently they are leading eight of the client’s top strategic initiatives and have strong working relationships with twenty of the senior leaders of the company.  They have even developed strong business partnerships with other service providers in order to mitigate risk and meet the demand for services on behalf of the client.