We are committed to recognizing and honoring the service of veterans and military spouses by making a commitment to them and their futures. Those returning from military service bring a unique set of practical leadership experiences, talents and capabilities as they transition back into civilian life; which is all too often misunderstood or overlooked. Veterans are results-oriented individuals, who can directly contribute to Point B’s goal of bringing together industry-leading expertise and technology to solve the world's biggest business challenges. 

Point Bravo works to support the successful transition of military members, promote awareness of the unique challenges transitioning veterans face, and enable employers to realize the full potential of veterans. Our goal is to help veterans find employment opportunities – and not necessarily at Point B. We exist to help coach any veteran to help them identify and pursue meaningful employment opportunities at any reputable organization, while we continue to make Point B a great place to work for veterans and military spouses. Transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses can contact us to set up an informational session. 

Our People & Perspectives

Alan Erickson, Consultant
Without the support of Point Bravo, I wouldn’t be at Point B today. As the firm’s first DoD Skillbridge Intern, Point Bravo paved the way for me, made me feel like I belonged, and provided deep relationships to ground myself as I transitioned from the military to the civilian sector. Point Bravo is a group of caring vets and spouses looking to help others find employment and make Point B better! Alan Erickson, Consultant
Christine Davis, Sales Enablement Content Specialist
Helping to stand up Point Bravo has been one of the highlights of my time at Point B. We are building a group that not only supports and empowers Veterans and veteran support systems, but we are creating awareness and allyship across the firm and within our communities. I love being part of a group that taps into the instant connection veterans form when they meet and helps people feel comfortable in their new environment from Day 1. Christine Davis, Sales Enablement Content Specialist
Vincent Tarantino, Senior Principal
Assisting veterans through mentorship programs, community outreach, the VFW, corporate business resource groups, and other ways has been a passion of mine since my own transition. That is why it was important to me when I started at Point B to create a community for like-minded individuals, who also espoused the culture and values that Point B holds so dear. Thus, Point Bravo was born! Being a founding member and leader of this passionate group has been incredibly rewarding; this group constantly goes above and beyond in all aspects of veteran assistance. I am proud to be a part of this community, and I am so excited of what the future holds for this team. Vincent Tarantino, Senior Principal
Kathleen LaBrecque, Change Program Manager
I’ve loved getting involved with Point Bravo because it’s a resource for ALL in the military community. It’s a continuation of the support Point B gives to military spouses like me. I’m able to be my most authentic self when my job celebrates military affiliation and gives me the flexibility I need to hold down the home front. When we got orders for a cross country move, my managers were extremely supportive and let me continue working remotely even with a time change. I’m proud to support my husband's career in the Navy and I'm grateful that Point B has empowered me to have a career I love too. Kathleen LaBrecque, Change Program Manager

Holidays we celebrate together

Every year, Point Bravo commemorates Memorial Day and Veterans Day by hosting firm-wide events. For Memorial Day 2022, we hosted a 15-minute virtual guided reflection where Point B'ers could join, or watch the recording, and take time to reflect on all those who have died while serving our country. 

Throughout the year, we will also partner with other Business Resource Groups to host events and provide awareness about pertinent topics. For example, we worked with bAbled, our business resource group for Point B'ers with disabilities, to host an event in support of Mental Health Awareness.