This quarter, Point B's Blue Standard Award honors Sabah Cambrelen for bringing Point B's values to her above-and-beyond performance as an account leader in Denver—and for her passion as the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) lead firmwide. 

"Sabah embodies the Blue Standard award in so many ways," said Elizabeth Coppinger, Senior Director of Point B's Denver practice. "She is a powerhouse of client delivery, community service, development and networking. She's one of those people you see and always wonder, 'How does she do it all, and do it so well?'"

Sabah joined Point B in 2011. Building on previous relationships, she landed one account three years ago, and has led its ambitious environmental health and safety program. Throughout the ups and downs of the client’s business, she has remained a trusted advisor to the leadership team and built a Point B team fine-tuned to meeting her client's evolving needs.

Sabah's ability to tell it like it is and win respect in the process is one of her natural assets, and she makes it an asset for everyone else. "When you work with Sabah, you always know you are getting the straight story," Elizabeth said. "She provides straightforward advice to her clients, great feedback to associates who work with her, and is a sounding board for me on questions for the market."

Her candor is welcome because it comes from caring. "Sabah genuinely cares about everyone she interacts with. When I walk around the client with her, attend business development meetings or charity lunches with her, I see her treat everyone with respect, and she knows them all on a personal level. She has a natural curiosity about people and is always trying to add value to each person and relationship."

For all these reasons and more, Sabah was the ideal associate to become Point B's EDI lead. She'll be the first to tell you, "I'm no EDI expert. But it's important to me in my life, and I felt we could do better." When Point B leadership gave her the opportunity to follow her passion, she stepped up to the challenge and poured her heart into it, going far beyond paid hours to make a positive impact.

Without spending money on a lot of formal EDI initiatives, she said, Point Bers are "moving the needle" on EDI. "It really comes down to our culture—our willingness to be open and have honest dialog. Our culture sets the right groundwork; we care about each other. Now we need to build awareness, have the tough conversations when needed, and make sure everyone feels welcome."

Where does a woman who inspires so many find her own inspiration? "I've always been entrepreneurial in my life, like my mom and my grandmother. Point B allows you to put that hat on. There's so much excitement in working collaboratively and creating something new. I like the daily challenges of that creation cycle and seeing what comes out the other side. Working with other people gives me energy; as soon as you engage with your peers, you get your second wind.  I'm so thankful to work with people who push me every day. Without them, I couldn't do half of what I'm doing."

Sabah's commitment to service runs in her family. In Denver, she serves on the associate board of City Year Denver and the board for the Colorado chapter of the Women’s Energy Network— organizations that provide educational opportunities to at risk youth and business opportunities to women in the energy industry.  Outside the U.S., she helps collect children’s books and other much-needed items for a pediatric medical clinic run by her mother in Pakistan. She also raises funds for the Al-lmtiaz Academy in Pakistan, a school founded by her grandmother that focuses on women's education and empowerment.                                                                                                                 

“Point B has always provided support, whether financial or via other diverse resources for the different organizations that I am involved in. I am proud of being a part of a company that supports and empowers its associates to pursue their passions and not only serve our clients, but also to give back to our communities!”