"We engaged Point B to assist in establishing an understanding of the project timeline, critical dates and interdependencies. Through their use of lean techniques, the team was able to identify and resolve issues that potentially blocked the success of our first enabling projects. The Point B team successfully integrated the clinical users, Swedish PM team, and the design and construction professionals into their process, helping all to come to a common understanding."

-Rachel Jenner, Design Director for Providence Western Washington

We approach every development project from the perspective of the owner – and in some cases we are the owner – skillfully leading projects from concept to completion.  Our unique integrated approach leverages the full talents and resources of Point B, helping minimizing risk and providing project certainty for our partners and clients.  We are entrepreneurs who intensely value relationships and collaboration.

Our Expertise


We work with our investors and development partners to identify the right real estate development opportunities, and manage the entire process for projects in which we hold an investment interest. Whether developing on our own account or on behalf of others, we aim to make a positive long-term impact on the communities in which we work while creating exceptional value and returns for our investors and partners. This mindset allows us to strategically and methodically analyze each investment and development opportunity to deliver superior planning and execution; exceeding expectations on all levels.

Real Estate Solutions & Services

We help our clients execute large-scale, interdisciplinary development projects through all phases of the lifecycle, from conception to completion. We bridge the gap between business objectives and on-the-ground project execution, and serve as a single point of accountability for stakeholder engagement and alignment.
* Owner Representation
* Program Leadership
* Strategic Planning & Master Planning
* Design & Construction Management
* Entitlements Management
* Scenario Planning & Analytics


Our investors and partners can expect passionate, inspired and experienced teams to collaborate with you to create brilliant viable development solutions. Our team of dedicated real estate professionals represents the best and most talented in their industries. They are proven leaders and experts in strategic planning, master planning, feasibility analysis, design management, construction management, financing and property development, bringing an average of 20+ years of experience each and a deep understanding across the necessary disciplines required to program, design, build and launch a new facility.


Urban Redevelopment/Mixed Use

How We Help

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