Airport Terminal Renovations

 Upgrading Airport Experience at Flagship Hub

Location:  Seattle, WA

Size: Varies

Timeline: 2015 – Present

Role: Corporate Real Estate Project Services

Point B has worked as the Program Manager for a major U.S. airline to lead multiple corporate real estate projects across airports in Washington, New York and California. Projects have included the redevelopment of an aging airport terminal to build a $500M+ state of the art facility, management of all scope to integrate a major airline merger at hub airports, integration of two airlines into a third common terminal, renovation of guest and employee facing spaces, and multiple other real estate initiatives that impact guests, operations, and/or employees. By aligning airline operations, marketing, technology, and real estate stakeholders towards a strategic view, the program teams assured that the desired outcomes for the projects are met and that projects are delivered in scope, on schedule and within budget.