Creating Secure Healthy Live-Learn Environments

Creating Secure Healthy Live-Learn Environments

Location: Midwest U.S.

Size: 100,000 to 250,000 square feet

Timeline: 2009-2013

Role: Developer

Today’s private student housing has gone beyond comfort and entertainment. A fresh approach is integrating student communities with the fabric of campus life, supporting interactive live-learn environments, and providing students with flexible, hassle-free living options. Members of the Point B team have developed a number of private student housing projects in locations adjacent to major public and private universities. Ranging in size from 125 to 350 beds, these communities provide individual flexible leases and consolidated utility fees. They include individual bedroom and bathroom spaces within three, four or six-bed units with common kitchens and living areas. The buildings provide 24-hour on-site security and management services ready to assist with technology and personal needs. Enhanced safety features include keycard access tracking and connectivity to blue-light emergency systems and campus police. Common areas feature reservable mini-lecture halls, tech-enabled teaming spaces, and ample casual areas for group and individual study. Several of these communities also provide satellite offices for university outreach and enrichment programs in the ground-floor retail spaces—ideal for hosting university events and speakers. The next generation of private student housing is not just more comfortable, but also enhances and supports the student’s academic experience. -This project was completed by resources prior to employment with Point B. –