Foss Maritime Center

World-class global fleet monitoring and support center

Location: Portland, Oregon (Columbia River)

Size:  $4.5M program

Timeline:  2016 - 2017

Role: Owner/Tenant Representation

Point B served as the Owner’s Representative for the full restoration of the Foss Maritime Center, a 12,000 sq. property on the bank of the Columbia River. The design of the center was focused on the modern needs of 24x7x365 global watch-stander personnel. With a fleet of over 100 vessels operating globally the center provides fleet safety and situational awareness for Mariners well ahead of potential hazards including heavy weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and world events. Important upgrades included a fleet monitoring center with a 20’ x 5’ video wall, a large training center and new offices for the Columbia Snake River operations team. Local teams enjoy a new workout area, shower facilities and an extensive lunchroom for long shifts. The extensive environmental permitting process drove the planting of over 400 native plants to enhance the function and appearance of the property in a heavy-industrial zone.