HoodWORKS Creative Office

Using Cutting-Edge Design and Construction to Meet Millennials’ Needs

Location: Portland, Oregon

Size: 17,000 square feet

Timeline: 2016-present

Role: Developer

Point B is bringing a much-needed creative office space development to the John’s Landing neighborhood of Portland. Historically, the small, vibrant John's Landing neighborhood has been home to an offbeat, youthful crowd, but the neighborhood’s office space has long been in need of a refresh. Portland residents pride themselves on walking the talk when it comes to maintaining a low carbon footprint, but John's Landing residents found themselves having to travel outside the community to work. The HoodWORKS project is replacing an old house and a small warehouse with a new 17,000-square foot, three-story mixed-use building, with the first floor reserved for retail, and offices on the second and third floors. Our design incorporates cross-laminated timber (CLT), exposed ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed wood beams for a look that’s soulful but efficient and modern.

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