Many organizations went into 2020 with a strategy and operating plan.  Covid-19 disrupted the marketplace and organizations needed to rapidly react to focus on business continuity. We can help organizations take the next step forward to adapt their strategy – helping them return to key fundamentals or create a new path forward. 

How will your organization use the COVID-19 disruption to come out stronger on the other side?

Point B launched a Rapid Strategy Disruption Response, a service using small teams to to help your organization identify new opportunities and options for a path forward through rapid research and insights, value driver evaluation, scenario modeling and business model innovation. 

Solutions to help you confidently chart a new course

Get strategy back on track - or create a new path. We will help guide your strategy adaptation and a clear plan for execution.

Rapid Research & Insights

Apply a sprint-based mix-method approach to research and insights that utilizes crowdsourcing, perception research, expert interviews, and quantitative methods to quickly identify emerging signals that can increase confidence in critical business decisions. 

Value Driver Definition ​& Quantification​

Re-evaluate the key value drivers for your business in the context of emerging public health, consumer behavior, data, technology, environmental, socioeconomic and policy changes.

Scenario Modeling ​for Future Shifts & Opportunities​

Envision future scenarios of consumer behavior and market disruption to build a framework for adaptive decision making.​

Business Model Innovation

Identify new business model opportunities that offer novel ways of delivering goods and services. New monetization strategies can be designed, tested and validated before significant investments are made.

“Many organizations have had to quickly try and re-evaluate their strategy beyond removing costs, having a solid business continuity in place and mitigating operational impacts. They now must go even deeper and understand if they can make money like they used to, if their business model is still viable, and how consumer behavior might fundamentally shift post-pandemic. Point B’s Rapid Strategy Disruption Response does just this…getting organizations back on track or developing a new path forward. The service guides strategy adaptation and creates a clear plan for execution for organizations facing disruption.”

Brian Turner, President of Consulting