Given the impact that Raquel Orochena has made in her first 18 months at Point B, it would be easy to assume that she's been with the firm much longer. Yet it's not only what she's done; it's also who she is that we recognize with the Point B Blue Standard Award.

"What's impressed me most about Raquel is how far-reaching her impact has been since she joined Point B," said Chris Ruhe, our practice director in Southern California. "She exemplifies our values and epitomizes our focus on People and Service. She has an infectious energy and a personal approach with colleagues, clients, and in the community that has earned their trust, respect and admiration. On top of great client service delivery to one of our strategic accounts, she earned her MBA with honors while working full-time at Point B, she is raising three daughters, and she's embraced a number of leadership opportunities both within and outside the firm. That she's been able to do it all so well in such a short time is remarkable."

As a female leader with a degree in Engineering, Raquel promotes her area of professional expertise and her drive for diversity and inclusion – both inside and outside the firm.

She has been the trusted advisor to the same client since she joined Point B, Chris Ruhe said. "Through her positive energy, genuine interest in others, and her commitment to meeting her client's needs, Raquel consistently demonstrates qualities essential to meeting the increasing demands of our clients in more complex team-based delivery scenarios."

Inside Point B, Raquel is a senior associate who has a passion for coaching and championing others. She expanded associates' access to Point B's Day of Dialogue by organizing events at multiple locations across our SoCal market. When she was promoted to Associate Development Operations Director for SoCal, she designed a new strategic approach that better serves associates' professional development needs.

In the community, Raquel was recently honored by Mayor Eric Garcetti with the Women Business Leader Award as part of Women's Entrepreneurship Day in Los Angeles. She has played an influential role in a number of city-sponsored initiatives that promote business and entrepreneurship. She shares her personal story with community organizations as well as colleagues, encouraging others to achieve their dreams.

Nationally, she has extended her professional reach with two other associates by representing Point B at the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) National Conference – a first for the firm. Her involvement has led to a deeper relationship with the Society and new opportunities for Point B to engage at a local level.

Her philosophy? "To be an example to others. I feel very fortunate for the opportunities and the people who have helped me develop throughout my career, so I want to do the same for others. I’ve always been passionate about education, learning and development. I have three daughters, and any time I'm away from them, it's important to me to feel that they see me as a role model who is making a positive difference.”

"I feel proud to be part of an employee-owned company that fosters a spirit of inclusion and diversity. It's time we create a corporate world where everyone has a seat at the table, with equal access to pay and career opportunities. It's not just the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do because this allows employees to do our very best work for our clients, which is what Point B is all about. We need to lead the way. Going forward, I am excited to be part of Point B’s journey as we embark on our 2020 strategy to deliver greater value for our clients and our associates."