by Julie Smith -- April 01, 2014

Mobile devices, mobile phones, mobile hotspots, mobile tablets, wearable computing, google glass, mobile data-sharing, mobile mobile mobile….overload!  Slow down.  Stand still.  Just Stop!

Ever feel like your information is following you everywhere like that crowd from the old “Can you hear me now” Verizon ads?   Well, according to one expert in mobile social behavior, Lura Kwiecień, people all over are becoming overwhelmed by connectedness.  Her latest study, ‘MobileNot 2013’, finds that “people are tired of being mobile”.  In response, Kwiecień has started a new movement, RedLight, which has a mission to stop the onslaught of mobile.  Appropriately the logo includes an old fashion pay-phone, demonstrating the growing organization’s fixed position bias.  Kwiecień believes that people should “throw their iPhones and androids in the river” and shop “in actual stores, with salespeople using fixed registers only”.

This movement has caught on quickly with hipsters all over the US.  “I liked mobile before it was cool, but now that 50% of the US has a smartphone, I am back to liking land lines and checkout lines alike,” laments RedLight member Holden Tennessee.

Retailers around the country are starting to catch wind of this new trend and its implications for the consumer retail experience.  At Point B, we have some suggestions to capture this audience:

1. Install payphones in the foyer of your store.

2. Shut off Wi-Fi in your location and line your walls with lead to block cell service.

3. Install fish tanks and/or clothing rounders to entertain small children while their parents shop

4. Implement, slow lanes for customers that want to observe the checkout process a few times before they participate in it.

5. Turn mobile POS systems into video players that play your TV ads on loop.

6. Centralize checkout to one fixed register at the back of your store to serve all departments.

7. Revise your website to be directions to your store and store hours; revert mobile optimized to desktop version of your site.

8. Return all mobile device SKUs to vendors and demand fixed line phones in place of them

9. Change your BOPUS service to BIPUS (Buy In Store, Pick Up in Store).

10. Sell seed catalogs, close on Sundays, and charge 5 cents for candy.