by Julie Smith -- February 07, 2014

Sitting here in Seattle it’s hard not to get swept up in the Post-Super Bowl mania.  Several days have passed since the game has ended and yet there are still tweets circulating on #howseattleriots, #superbowlparade, and #12thman.

There’s also a new trend this year.  Have you seen a #fanicure?  Noticed a plethora of fashionable, well fitting, women’s football apparel that isn’t pink? It seems the NFL is finally courting women with team gear and fashions that actually looks like fashionable team gear.

With women representing 80% of purchasing power and 45% of football fans, it’s time the league made apparel a woman would want to wear (vs. just buy for the kids and men in their lives).

A year ago the NYT heralded the end of Shrink it and Pink it, the idea that women’s clothing should just be a smaller version of men’s clothing, but recolored pink (regardless of team colors).  This year, leading specialty retailers and department stores have reoriented precious floor space to women’s football fashion and leading designers are getting in on the game with fashion forward and subtle team gear.

Even Covergirl is testing female NFL supporter’s purchasing power.  They sponsored #fanicures (team inspired manicures) at a number of stadiums this year.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.  Is it about time the focus shifted to women?  Is this about women’s rights or pandering to the primary shopper?

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