by Tom Murray -- September 29, 2014

It’s National Coffee Day, which made me wonder when beverages started having their own days. Does Kool-Aid have its own day? The Mango Lassi?

A quick peek at Wikipedia reveals that National Coffee Day actually has an international coalition of co-celebrants, all of whom are no doubt NOT raising a beer glass to toast their heralded holiday.

One becomes reflective in moments like this. And because this is a retail blog, it is only natural to remember how the delivery of coffee has changed over the years. Whatever happened to Juan Valdez, or the guy who sailed around the world drinking Yuban (or was it Brim) from a mini-world coffee cup? I think my mom still drinks Yuban, though her sailing days are behind her now.

Here in Seattle, it is no longer possible to grab a quick cuppa Joe in a Styrofoam cup, unless you happen upon a group of Kiwanis serving wake-up cups at a nearby highway rest stop. Rest stops may be the last market not yet cornered by Starbucks. The Seattle coffee giant is even serving up lattes to the CIA in their Langley, VA offices. But don’t look for them to call your drink out by your name at the Langley Starbucks; apparently, the fact that everyone was named “John Smith” was confusing.

Happy National Coffee Day, folks.