The Blue Standard is our firm’s ‘gold standard’ for excellence, and this quarter we’re proud to honor Scott Watson as our Blue Standard award winner. Scott consistently goes above and beyond to exemplify our values, and is universally adored by his clients and fellow associates.

Recently, Scott wrapped up a huge data center migration for a major retailer, taking on what they thought was an insurmountable task.

“Scott jumped in headfirst and thoughtfully guided the initiative and numerous teams and stakeholders,” said the EVP of Information Technology and Ecommerce. “In the course of seven months, we successfully completed a huge undertaking, in what we thought was an unachievable timeframe. Scott’s experience, knowledge, leadership, mentoring and collaborative approach are largely the reason we were able to successfully accomplish our goals, on time and on budget.”

Phenomenal feedback from clients is par for the course with Scott, from a simple thanks for making an impact on their organization in a thoughtful manner, to recognizing that Scott’s guidance helped them to rebuild their organization as a customer-focused provider.

In addition to excellence in client service, Scott also exemplifies our values when it comes to people and relationships. “He dissipated the natural tension between more than a few teams within our IT organization, and because of Scott’s leadership qualities and his approach to the project, these teams have learned to appreciate, trust and collaborate with each other,” said the EVP of Information Technology and Ecommerce.

“My Dad raised me as an engineer and I love the technology itself, but my real passion lies in helping my clients enable their businesses through the use of technology,” says Scott.

“Scott is, as the Blue Standard is intended to recognize, the epitome of a great Point B’er,” says Jack Schwab, Point B’s IT Infrastructure Practice Lead. Thank you, Scott, for all you do.