Success in business isn't just about making the right products—it's about creating value for your customers. You can have a great product but target the wrong set of customers, or the right set of customers but the wrong business model. To be successful, you need to understand what your customers see as valuable, and you need to know what your customer experience looks like from the ground up. Point B can help. By focusing on what you're delivering to customers and how you're delivering it, we'll help you make the most out of existing customers, gain access to new customers, and win even in highly competitive markets.

Our Expertise

Customer & Market Analysis

If you want to grow your business, thorough, insightful analysis of your customers and your markets can help. For example, through customer segmentation, we can tell you who your most profitable customers are—and how to reach them. We'll lead you through the competitive landscape with incisive, thoughtful analysis, and help you define the kinds of customer journey that will help you attract and retain your best customers.

Product Strategy & Planning

We can help you capture value from your products across markets, customer segments, and categories. With thoughtful analysis of your product vision and goals, combined with a clear-eyed look at your pricing, value proposition, core capabilities and challenges, we can help you differentiate your offerings and position yourself strategically.

Launch & Marketing

When it's time to launch, we can help you optimize value and ROI, drive connections with your customers, and keep them coming back. We'll help integrate all your launch activities, from your messaging platforms to your channels, offers, and sales activities, with a launch planning playbook that delivers maximum results.  Read more

How We Help

Consumer Packaged Goods Product Launch

Executed success product launch and provided a blueprint for future launches.

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Gaining a 360 Degree View of the Customer

Defined integrated customer strategy with data requirements for each touch point.

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Insights & People

Social Media is Easy

Before launching social media programs, smart companies are tackling the organizational planning needed to successfully operationalize consumer insights.

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Selling Health Plans and Services Online

Online sales of health plans and services put consumers in the driver's seat. A lesson in history can help your organization get ready.

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