Point B’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond the four walls of the firm. In 2019, Point B launched the Responsible Sourcing initiative, focused on strengthening partnerships with suppliers that share the same deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as Point B, and our clients. Point B is committed to fostering lasting business relationships that encourage sustainable, inclusive, and responsible business conduct that drive greater value for our clients, communities, partners, and firm.

The survey is based on company size and intended to account for the realities of operating a business of varying size and complexity. We recognize the value social and environmentally responsible business practices varies depending on the overall size and footprint of an organization.

All applicants are encouraged to answer the questions truthfully and accurately.

Survey responses will be measured year over year to track/record progress, by vendor to ensure Point B is on track to achieve the long term goal of a more financial, social and environmentally responsible supply chain. However, the primary focus in 2019 is on setting up the framework and enabling a streamlined and efficient process for Point B and our vendors. This year is also about establishing a baseline to measure performance improvement in the future and ensure Point B achieves its 2023 goals.

All survey questions are dependent on organizational size.


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