Responsible Sourcing at Point B

Responsible Sourcing is the process of purchasing products and services that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way.  This includes using standards to evaluate suppliers’ worker safety, fair treatment practices, and environmental and social impacts in order to make informed and intentional procurement decisions that are aligned with our firm values. 

Point B’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond the walls of the firm.  In 2019, Point B launched the Responsible Sourcing initiative, focused on strengthening partnerships with suppliers that share the same deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as Point B and our customers.  Point B is committed to fostering lasting business relationships that encourage sustainable, inclusive, and responsible business conduct that drive greater value for our customers, communities, partners, and firm.

Program Goals:

  1. Drive Greater Impact - Drive greater positive social and environmental impact through intentionally selecting suppliers and partners that share our values, including DEI.  Intentionally leverage socially responsible businesses and community-centric organizations where possible.
  2. Emphasize Local – The communities in which we work and live depend on local investment to ensure a healthy and vibrant economy.   Studies show that most locally spent money stays local—paying for services, supplies, staff, inventory, and other costs of doing business. Each transaction can create, on average, three times more income, jobs and wealth for the local community.
  3. Mitigate Risk – Mitigate supply chain risk by identifying and leveraging partners that share Point B’s commitment to responsible business practices and ethical conduct.
  4. Develop Deeper Partnerships – Through the Responsible Sourcing program, Point B aims to create long-lasting business partnerships.  Preferred partnerships benefit Point B and our partners by streamlining engagement protocols and strengthening the brand value of both parties. 
  5. Reach 100% - By 2023, Point B aims to procure 100% of products and services from vendors and partners that meet or exceed the Responsible Sourcing program guidelines.

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