This quarter, Point B's Blue Standard Award honors Gaylord Wahl, a Principal in our Seattle practice, for his remarkable ability to bring out the best in our clients and our firm.

Since joining Point B in 2005, Gaylord has become a trusted leader known for portfolio management, spearheading project recoveries and innovating new methodologies for our clients. He also places a high value on teamwork and collaboration. He says, “It’s often more about the art of leadership than the science of project management.” This is especially true in difficult environments where he has led teams through peaks and valleys, building rapport and giving clients and Point B team members unwavering leadership and support. He recently created and launched a governance framework that was adopted by executives across multiple healthcare organizations, helping them align on challenging strategic decisions.

How does he do it?

"Even in tough situations, my belief is that people want to do a good job, and it's my goal to enable them to do their best work," he said. "We all know our weaknesses; we don't need them pointed out. When you take a strength-based approach, you can have a conversation that supports the person or team, and they walk out inspired and excited to get to the next level.”

Gaylord brings the same generous positivity to mentoring other Point B'ers and building effective leaders. He puts fellow associates high on his list, and takes the time to listen, provide succinct feedback, and coach them. "I learn something from Gaylord every single day," said Point B associate Kavita Malling. In true Gaylord style, he continues to be her mentor even after the project has ended.

In addition to his unique way of working with people, Gaylord is "a key driver of innovation," said Principal Garrett Kephart. He has a knack for creating and evolving Point B’s services, offerings and client delivery styles. He is a go-to source for new ideas in business development and is constantly thinking about how people or deliverables can be more effective. As an example, Gaylord created and refined a project portfolio framework to be more agile for the client. "I took our approach to project turnarounds and applied it to deploying portfolio management capabilities," he said. "We take a rapid cycle approach, so work is done in one-month sprints, and every month the client receives tangible value."

Gaylord was also instrumental in building and launching Point B’s national Project Leadership Services consulting practice with Point B leadership and other Principals, and has helped develop new teaming approaches for the firm "where you can really see the power of collaboration."

Gaylord credits Point B's leadership and culture with eliminating the roadblocks that so often keep promising new business ideas from moving forward. "Point B is such an encouraging environment. The leadership mentality is about helping people get where they want to go. When we combine passion with expertise and a business need, the sky's the limit."