This quarter's Point B Blue Standard Award honors Julie Bennett, whose visionary drive in key operational roles is a huge asset to our firm and everyone who works with her.

"Julie is the Blue Standard," said Alandra Dilley, who nominated her for the award and has worked with her in the Seattle market. "She doesn't just 'check things off the list'; she thinks about what we need to be doing now for the future in order to reach our long-term organizational vision. She leads with her heart and mind, helping us create better solutions and developing others across the firm at all levels. She consistently leads with passion and professionalism. She delivers, innovates and makes those around her better." At the same time, she "embodies our vision to create a one-of-a-kind career experience."

Since joining Point B from Accenture in 2004, Julie has brought fresh thinking to Recruiting and Sales Enablement—both areas that are vital to our growth. After several years as a stand-out consultant in our Seattle market, she took on a recruiting role and applied her front-line experience to reinventing our recruiting standards. As Recruiting Director of our Seattle market from 2012-2015, “Julie put new structure and rigor around the whole process,” Alandra said.

"Thanks to her, we think differently about recruiting, and we find amazing people that our former process may have missed."

Now, as senior leader of Sales Enablement, Julie is raising the bar on how we sell Point B and our capabilities to our clients. She created a vision for a whole new functional area, scaling a six-month Seattle pilot into a national, firm-wide operational function. She defined a standard process, including the team roles and responsibilities to deliver on it.

"Julie really pushed to create a stronger product, and helped develop a point of view around our proposals," Alandra said. "She has indefatigable energy and always finds a way to provide a constructive, thoughtful contribution that improves upon or assists someone else's success. She's been able to identify a need that we haven't yet seen for ourselves, and to create an opportunity around it. She's building something that allows us to grow into it."

"I try to be a problem-solver. And don't let obstacles get in the way. I have a real focus on the end goal, and on driving to achieve it," Julie says. 

One of her next challenges? How to meet the growing demand for her team. "I'm really proud that my team is in high demand. It means that we are providing a needed service to the firm."