This quarter, the Point B Blue Standard honors a senior associate in our Organizational Effectiveness practice who is a master of transformation—with her clients, her colleagues, her community, and her own career. Over the last 10 years, Tiffany Dehaan has made an incredible journey from a talented, understated associate into a highly esteemed leader with heart, a spirit of service leadership, and an open mind who makes everyone feel heard and accepted.

What's more, she has made this transformation look seamless, while impacting almost everyone she has met along the way, says her Point B colleague, Megan Work.

"Tiffany makes Point B better by being who she is," Megan says. "She is amazingly humble, but with strength and integrity at the same time. She listens well, she takes it all in, she never pushes, but she is effective working with everyone from the front line of an organization to senior executives of major companies. Her absolutely stellar client delivery and innovative thinking take client service delivery to the next level."

Tiffany's clients are raving fans who request her any time they are working to drive change. At Alaska Air, her clients credit her with changing how they think about change management. She helps her clients get results, balancing change, resistance and tough politics—and making it look easy. Her track record is so outstanding that Alaska has asked that she lead its HR integration with Virgin America. Tiffany’s clients seek her out because they know her teams are always the better for it.

Among her Point B colleagues, Tiffany is known as someone to go to for change management. She contributes to the success of her entire OE team, sharing high-impact best practices in tools and innovative change processes. She is also a generous coach and mentor who contributes to the development of others and supports our recruitment pipeline with great candidates.

"Tiffany is not only part of Point B, but she also helps create what Point B means to be and makes it a place we want to be part of," notes her colleague, Alandra Dilley.

Tiffany brings these same standards of excellence to her leadership into the community. As a member of the CHOICES education group nonprofit board, Tiffany volunteers in middle school classrooms to deliver interactive, decision-making workshops that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of career and life aspirations. She also recently led the non-profits 2016 strategic planning process to support furthering the mission of the organization.

At the same time that she works part-time at Point B and gives back to the community, Tiffany is a dedicated mom. Again, she shares the benefits of her passion and experience by leading new parent community groups through PEPS.

"Whatever Tiffany touches, she has the impact to make it better," Megan Work says. "She raises the bar for everyone she works with."