Rapidly evolving Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are transforming the workforce, reshaping the way we work, and providing new, intelligent approaches to long-standing challenges. The implications are far reaching, cascading across all aspects of the modern organization.  

For the Manufacturing and Energy sectors, the emergence of AI is a game changer, powering the ability to make quicker, more accurate data-backed decisions using cost-effective, readily available tools.  

While large language models are still early in development, the opportunities that already exist are endless.  Join our team of Point B panelists as they discuss the future of AI and examine its potential impact within the Aerospace, Automotive, and Energy industries, including:  

  • AI as a Co-Pilot to Improve Program Efficiency  
  • Transforming the Workforce  
  • Leveraging Data & Analytics to Drive Innovation  
  • Optimizing Resources to Reduce Cost 

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Meet the Speakers

Lexington Griffith, AI Leader
Lexington is the AI Leader at Point B, bridging the gap between the Technology Build and Innovation & Design Practices. He works to bring generative AI into enterprise applications to streamline business processes, making them work for us, not against us. Since late 2020, Lexington has pioneered the development of several applications using OpenAI's emergent technology, driving innovation in a landscape where generative AI is increasingly recognized but not yet fully harnessed. 

Anna Norris, Customer Executive, Automotive & Mobility
Anna is the head of Point B’s Automotive & Mobility global sector. With extensive experience advising global car manufacturers, captive finance, and technology companies, she holds deep expertise in topics related to brand and technology strategies, cost reduction, driving large-scale transformations, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation. Anna is passionate about the ongoing mobility revolution and the ways in which engineering, building, selling, and using smart mobility is changing. With over 27 years of consulting experience, she has a tremendous track record in supporting and mentoring great leaders, teams, and companies to achieve their full potential and to rewire industries. 

Jay Parks, Customer Director, Energy & Utilities
Jay leads Point B’s Energy & Utilities practice, specializing in complex, transformational programs involving people, process, and technology to achieve business outcomes. With over 25 years of consulting experience helping clients, from Fortune 50 to startups across multiple industries, Jay’s professional passion is growth initiatives that find unique ways of combining technology and people to create business value.