Modernize Your Voice of Customer Capabilities and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Customer sentiment and experience directly correlate to customer acquisition and retention success. And today, more than ever before, customers tell you exactly what they need, demand, and expect to be happy. The ability to collect, understand, and translate these inputs into action is the key competitive differentiator that will separate leaders from the rest of the pack. 

Traditional VoC techniques, which made organizations choose between specificity, speed, and scale, have been made antiquated by the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation. B2C leaders can now use these technologies to break down old tradeoffs and build stronger connections to their customers. 

Point B experts Kevin Mackey and Zameer Baber demonstrate how to use an AI-enabled VoC engine to create unique customer insights and discuss how to put those insights into action, allowing adopters to more quickly respond to and meet current and future customer expectations.