The research is clear: a culture of belonging leads to better engagement and satisfaction from your employees. But many organizations have yet to realize the full value of that culture. It catalyzes talent attraction and retention, but it can also create influence in policy spaces, capture new customers and advocates, and open civic leadership opportunities for your employees.  

Employees and customers want to believe that your company is playing a larger role in society. Connecting a DEI-positive culture to a larger DEI and justice (DEI+J) strategy can measurably improve employee sense of purpose, improve customer favorability, and shift to an entirely new set of people metrics that are meaningful to your employees and customers.  

  • Join Point B’s Nell Haslett-Brousse, Director of DEI, and Gwen Migita, Senior ESG Principal, and learn: 
  • How connecting “inside out and outside in” spurs your organization’s growth and influence 
  • How to set the right milestones and metrics to measure value beyond representation 
  • How those who capture untapped opportunities in DEI+J pave the way for others 

Meet the Speakers 

Nell Haslett-Brousse, Director of DEI, Point B
Nell brings a deep skillset in change management, data insights, communications and strategy to help customers embrace DEI as a catalyst for deep, systemic changes and meaningful outcomes. She also oversees Point B’s DEI and DEI+J journey, including the support of our eight employee-led business resource groups.

Gwen Migita, Senior ESG Principal, Point B
Gwen brings deep expertise advising executive leaders on integrated strategies, risks and opportunities in the ESG space. Her leadership role involves enhancing connections between Point B’s client-facing ESG Practice and internal DEI initiatives that helps deepen purpose and accelerate action.