Learn How to Address Pent-Up Demand For New Digital and Automation Solutions 

As the pandemic recession shifts into a pandemic recovery, financial services companies face one of their biggest challenges: how to address the massive pent-up demand for new digital and automation solutions.  

Many companies piled up cash reserves last year to weather the uncertainty of what lay ahead. Having underinvested in digital assets for a year, and sometimes even before the pandemic, companies feel a sense of urgency to catch up. That urgency has been intensified by the massive shift to remote work and the challenges that came with it. As employees and customers rely more than ever on digital interactions, many systems fell short of needs and expectations.  

What does your company need to know and do now to ensure that digital and automation investments help achieve strategic goals and meet future challenges?  

During this session, Point B experts share:

  • Three critical questions to ask any time you invest in new technology  
  • Why technology investments must enable your operating model (or, better yet, your target operating model)  
  • How to shake off old assumptions and look at your company through a fresh lens 
  • Strategies to adapt and advance with your technology investments