How to staff up quickly while ensuring quality

While contract staff can connect you with the expertise needed to accelerate progress toward your goals, you take a risk each time you hire – that the person won’t be the right fit for your team culture, deliver as promised, or even stay long enough to see their work through.  
But it is possible to dramatically increase your odds of contract staffing success so you can hire quickly, maintain flexibility and ensure quality. Learn staff augmentation best practices that will help you ensure all three from Point B Direct’s staffing and recruiting experts. Point B Direct senior recruiting managers Kelsey Warren and Katie Bodette join sales manager Simone Maier and managing director Christie Dziubek to share tips, tricks, and insights on:  

  • What to look for in a staffing partner. 
  • How to measure the performance of your staffing partners.  
  • 5 guiding principles to help you hire quickly while ensuring quality. 
  • Tips to ensuring ongoing contract staff success. 

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About the Speakers

Katie Bodette, Senior Recruiting Manager   
Katie combines her background in human resource management and talent acquisition across multiple industries with her passion for helping others grow to develop strong, ongoing relationships with Point B Direct’s expert contractors. She focuses on matching candidates with the right opportunities to ensure success for contractors and customers alike.  
Christie Dziubek, Managing Director 
Christie is an executive leader with a proven ability to mentor cross-functional teams in orchestration of global operational overhauls while safeguarding equitable pay and promotion opportunity. She is a creative and dynamic problem solver adept at leveraging advanced software tools and platforms to modernize and optimize technology. 

Simone Maier, Sales Manager 
Simone is a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) with a background in program management for multiple Fortune 500 clients. She is passionate about finding innovative solutions for the procurement industry. She has deep experience in managing third-party supplier implementations, companywide change management programs and process improvements that streamline workflows and enhance growth. She thrives on building deep interpersonal relationships and advocating for those around her. 
Kelsey Warren, Senior Recruiting Manager  
Kelsey has nearly a decade of talent acquisition experience in a variety of industries including tech, retail, non-profit, and education. She is dedicated to fitting the right candidate with the right customer need to ensure all parties are set up for success.  Kelsey's deep passion for developing strong, lasting relationships allows her to execute successful hiring strategies. 
Luke Panezich, Point B Direct Consultant 
Luke has nearly 30 years’ experience leading and directing complex business and technology transformations—helping customers define, align, and deliver strategic initiatives while managing organizational change. Luke is also a project management instructor at UW. As a subject matter expert, he has authored and taught multiple courses on organizational project management and has worked on the creation of global standards for the Project Management Institute. He maintains PMP, DASSM, and DAVSC certifications.