As the entire healthcare system evolves, payers are evolving to be partners in health – for consumers, employers, and providers. Payer organizations are often thought of as traditional, long-standing institutions that have functioned relatively the same way for decades, however, that simply isn’t true anymore. Market disruption, shifts in the demographics of populations, innovations in healthcare delivery and cost containment, and regulation focused on addressing consumer demand for price transparency are changing the health plan and payer landscape. New strategies are required, as well as the ability to execute on those strategies, if payers are to continue to play a central role in the healthcare ecosystem. Join us as we discuss the challenges facing payers.

Meet the speakers:

Kevin Jackson, Executive Vice President & Chief Growth Officer, Delta Dental of California
Kevin Jackson is Executive Vice President & Chief Growth Officer of Delta Dental of California. Kevin leads revenue generation encompassing Sales and Marketing, Business and Product Development, Network Development and Customer Experience to drive continued growth and strategic transformation.

Susan Yeazel, Healthcare Executive, Point B
Susan has over 20 years of experience leading large-scale initiatives as an industry insider and a consultant. Her experience guiding organizations through business model transformation, growth, retention and administrative cost reduction imperatives results in solutions that meet the challenges of a continuously evolving healthcare landscape.

Jeff Burpo, Payer Expert & Healthcare Executive, Point B 
Jeff has over 25 years of experience in management consulting and professional services in both leadership and delivery roles. He leads Point B’s work across medical and oral health plans, nationally recognized Medicaid managed care organizations, and community health and services organizations.