Five things you can do now to adjust your marketing strategy and win in a new landscape.

For years you've heard about the death of third-party cookies, but the long runway may have delayed some of the strategic changes you’ll need to make to address its impending loss. Google Chrome could be the final nail in the coffin, with marketers losing third-party cookies access to two-thirds of the global browser market in 2024. And privacy changes are not the only challenge marketers face, amidst the rise of disruptive technologies and a challenging economy that has intensified budget pressure.  
How are you preparing your teams and strategies to adjust to today's rapidly changing digital landscape? Now is the time for media and technology organizations to build new ways of finding and reaching their audiences. Learn how you can use this inflection point as an opportunity to increase focus on privacy, re-imagine marketing, and prioritize the fundamentals, including brand positioning, differentiation and powerful creative.  
Join Chris Ruhe, Point B's Executive Vice President of Media & Technology, Margarita Lam, Head of Media, Entertainment & Gaming, and Scott Fasser, 25-year digital marketing veteran for insights to help you think ahead. They will discuss: 

  • How privacy, regulatory, and technology changes are impacting digital marketing  
  • Strategies to prepare for a cookieless future without losing customer insights  
  • Renewing the focus on creativity and storytelling to gain competitive edge   

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