COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of and dependency on digital technologies. At the same time, digital transformation programs are increasingly known for not meeting expectations. In addition, the pace of change brought on by globalization and emerging technologies has created an environment where organizational success is no longer determined purely through market positioning. In fact, for most organizations, successful shareholder value will now also be dependent on ensuring that digital capabilities can not only scale for intended growth but keep up with the pace of change while weathering uncertainty.

Our Expertise

Capabilities-Driven Digital Strategy and Transformation Planning

Our approach helps organizations assess the talent, processes, and data/technologies that are core to bringing digital to life and assess them against best in class. We also tap into industry-leading insights regarding both the cultures of digitally savvy organizations and the role that customer and employee experiences have in creating financial value to identify gaps against your peers and amongst your customers. We then create a path forward by identifying MVPs, POCs and multi-year investments to align your available capital while ensuring that the proposed digital transformation meets short-term and long-term ROI expectations.

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Modernization

While companies have traditionally broken up consumer interactions between their marketing, sales and service organizations, customer expectations – thanks in part to digital and social media – have different expectations. They expect consistent, personalized experiences throughout the engagement lifecycle, regardless of where the conversation takes place. Thankfully, modern cloud-based technologies bring together data and insights from across siloed organizations. We’ll help your organization take advantage of these foundational technology changes to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Our approach not only helps address gaps, but builds a bridge that further leverages digital to lower the overall cost to acquire and retain your customers.

Lead to Cash Transformation through Industry 4.0

Customers have come to expect a digital shopping experience that provides self-service and transparency into the fulfillment and billing processes – for both B2C and B2B organizations. To accomplish this, organizations must take on the monumental task of harmonizing the operations of marketing, supply chain and finance through interoperability of data across multiple functions, processes and systems. We bring a deep understanding of Industry 4.0 to show how emerging concepts in IOT, RPA and AI can set your north star vision for the future.

MarTech Stack Strategy, Rationalization, and Transformation

Marketing technology continues to be one of the largest portions of a company’s total marketing or IT budget. And many leaders are rightfully focused on enhancing their overall MarTech ecosystem. Regardless of your approach to meeting intended ROI, we’ll bring the intimate understanding of creative workflow, customer experience, customer and product data, the broader IT ecosystem, and technology financing to ensure decisions are made in a way that increases revenue, reduces the cost of acquisition, and improves the customer experience.

Improving Speed to Market of Digital Products and Emerging Technology through R&D and Culture

There is no shortage of great ideas for how to use digital and what new technologies should be brought into an organization. While innovation is a core part of creating new ideas, organizations often struggle with how those ideas get through the finance, security, and legal governance mechanism within larger corporations. Don’t fall behind in an environment where customer expectations are changing exponentially.

We use industry-leading insights on digital culture to compare your organizational culture with that of digital-forward companies. We compare and contrast cultures to identify problem areas and gaps. We then look at R&D capabilities to identify both exact areas for improvement and clear metrics to demonstrate success. Lastly, we help you build out you specific portfolio that can be used to test and learn and win.

Digital Transformation Planning Through Oxford’s Insights on Major Program Management

Many organizations are unable to keep pace with the new digital era. Research has shown that over 70% of digital transformation programs end in failure. Yet, despite these staggering failure rates global spend on digital transformation is forecasted to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023. 

Given the scale and complexity of these projects and programs, we work to bring in data and insights from the world’s leading experts on megaproject management from the University of Oxford to design your digital transformation. Our partners at Oxford Global Projects have access to the largest high-quality datasets on project performance in the world which will ultimately help you  de-risk your digital projects, programs, and portfolios using insights from over 11,000  different projects totaling $3 trillion. In addition, our partners at OxonGlobal and Simul8 bring together the use of virtual simulations, research, and portfolio rationalization capabilities to test new ideas and prove out business cases before your organization has to commit significant capital. Our approach gives us industry-leading insights on transformation planning to help ensure long-term success.