Everyone in business has one thing in common: being human. That may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked.

It shouldn't be—and it isn't with the Innovation & Design group of Point B. By building and leading the firm's practice of Human Centered Design, we help you create the experiences people want most. And that leads to products, brands, services, processes, new businesses and more that are deeply informed, authentic and personal—for all audiences.

From new ventures to change management, in life sciences to retail, we see the world of business through the lens of being what we all are: human beings.

We Design Experiences to Improve Business Outcomes—and Human Ones

At the center of every business challenge is a person impacted by the decisions you make.

By starting with that realization, we define moments that matter to that person, creating both functional and emotional connections with them.

We then combine data, design, prototyping, iteration and creation of experiences that deliver on their actual needs.

Our Expertise

Audience Research & Insights

Everything we do is guided by understanding the people at the core of your business objective. Our trained facilitators lead 1:1 interviews and interactive workshops to help people express themselves and what they want. We also validate our findings with quantitative user research to make sure we've got it right.

Business Design

By seamlessly linking brainstorming, strategy and business plan finalization, we help you iterate and innovate for ever-changing future. With methods like assumption mapping, storytelling, and prototyping, we help you explore opportunities seen and unseen, improving your chances of successful outcomes.

Product & Service Design

We create and reimagine products and services by centering them around what people want and need. Through journey mapping and service blueprinting, we pinpoint the moments that matter. Once validated, we work with Point B Business Technology to build the products and services that delight users and deliver business outcomes.


More than intuitive design, we create user experiences deeply informed by human needs. It's an understanding that comes from research—but also from you. We leverage your team's knowledge and expertise by co-creating with digital collaboration tools like Mural and Figma.

Brand Strategy, Comms & Design

Your brand is the guiding star for every action your company takes and for every person it touches—from customers to employees to strategic partners. The brands we help build are grounded in human understanding to elicit emotional responses and meaningful connections. Our brand strategies, communications and designs are the springboards for everything your brand does and wants to accomplish.

Training & Employee Experience

Across industry verticals, we help companies and employees work together as they adopt new transformative initiatives. We combine proven change management practices with B2C-quality creative strategy, branding and content.



Donna Hazen

Principal, Experience Design


Kat Van Fossen

Principal, Solutions


Craig Higdon

Solution Architect


Jesse Burns

Managing Principal