Most companies find themselves data-rich but insight-poor. This imbalance stifles value creation and limits data to cost center instead of being a business accelerator. As the proliferation of and access to diverse data becomes more commoditized, the ability to transform data to insights - and insights to outcomes – will separate leaders from the rest of the pack. 

Point B’s Insights Hub helps our customers stand out from the pack by delivering game changing insights. Let’s explore how we can help.

Point B’s Insights Hub combines the right blend of talent, technology and domain expertise to transform data into value for specific business outcomes.  Whether you need a one-time answer to inform a critical decision or you need a partner to provide insight services ongoing, our Insights Hub has the tools to create fast, flexible and scalable outcomes for your business.

Our Expertise

On-Demand Analytics

Flex your capacity and get help with the complex projects by having ready access to analytics talent when you need it. Our virtual team of data scientists and engineers quickly deliver the insights you need without the hassle of building and funding large, complex delivery teams. Drive towards value quickly with our virtual On-Demand Analytics team.

Custom Insight Solutions

Build the tools to produce the continuous insights you need to run your business. Our Point B Insights Generator™ platform accelerates insight production to a matter of weeks, not months or years. Our team focuses on building the custom solutions that are tailored-fit for your business where other enterprise apps or off-the-shelf products don’t.

Managed Insight Services

Leverage an analytics team that can flex and scale with your business, providing on-demand insights and ready access to analytics technologies and talent. Offload the costs and administrative duties of doing it on your own and leverage a team and technology stack that is ready to create value today.

Automation Solutions

Streamline the way you operate and leverage data by making key functions repeatable, scalable and economical. Most time in the insight production process is spent on data collection and data preparation. Our Point B Insights Generator™ platform can help automate these processes to accelerate insight production and value realization.