Deals create enterprise value through the successful integration, separation or carve out of the targeted capabilities. To get the deal done right, it is important to be clear about the deal rational – and then communicate those to everyone impacted. We believe people are at the core of any deal and to unlock deal value, you must put the right team in place and deploy a proven methodology. We work closely with executives and PE firms to establish the right structure, governance, and integration team necessary to deliver a human centered M&A approach. We help companies with due diligence, pre-close readiness, synergy realization planning, Day One activities, cultural alignment and post-close integration across all functional areas.

Our Expertise

Pre-Close Readiness

In advance of closing a deal, we engage to drive clarity on integration strategies and the capabilities required to have a successful integration.  During pre-close planning, we structure the Integration Management Office (IMO), evaluate key themes for cultural integration, assess the capacity of the functional teams and establish the Day one readiness and post-close integration plans.

Integration Leadership

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side, Point B helps you plan for a successful close and beyond. Our focus on value creation, balance of rigor and flexibility, and our ability to partner on the integration separates us from the rest. Managing organizational change is a critical part of the journey for both organizations. Point B has helped hundreds of client develop strategies, prepare for close, and drive the execution of an integration.

Deal Synergy & Value Driver Realization

Studies show that 70% to 90% of M&A’s initiatives fail. Countless deals die before they get legs. And even with the right strategic opportunity and capital, it can be a difficult road to complete the transaction and achieve the anticipated value. Business leaders must articulate realistic estimates, implement initiatives, and report results with confidence. We engage to make this happen by establishing one source of truth, bringing focus and clarity to the strategy for capturing synergies, driving the support mechanisms to realize synergies and identifying additional synergy opportunities.

Divestitures & Carve-Outs

Divestitures can be harder than acquisitions. As complex as they are, acquisitions command the energy and attention of the whole organization. In contrast, divestitures are born from the need to refocus. Divestitures can quickly become a complex journey of multiple interrelated initiatives. Our approach combines a relentless focus on maintaining current operations with rapid execution of busness segmentation in order to achieve targeted financial objectives and move to business as usual as quickly as possible.