From time to time, every organization struggles with operational challenges: higher than expected costs, delays in the supply chain, poor quality, capacity constraints of systems or people, and general waste. Fighting it sometimes seems like a losing battle. However, our team can help you take a step back so you can see the source of your operational challenges. And once you know the cause, you can take action to improve things. 

We'll work with you to build sustainable change in your organization, and bring in experts to help you fine-tune your business so it works like it should. Our team will work with you to evaluate all levels of your organization, bringing fresh perspectives and cross-industry expertise to help you stem the tide of inefficiency and waste. 

Our Expertise

Operational Optimization

Point B can help you get the most out of your operations with our uniquely collaborative approach. We uncover operational issues, quantify and prioritize our findings, and recommend the right lever to pull to make lasting change.

Supply Chain Management

Making your supply chain work like a well-oiled machine is one of the things we do best. We partner with your executive leadership team and your operations team to clarify goals, find out why the issues occur, measure progress, and help you develop an improvement plan.

Lean IT

IT isn't just a cost center anymore—it's a key strategic component to success. We can help you get the most out of your IT organization. In conjunction with IT systems implementation, we help you choose a new system or optimize your system with our cross-industry experience.

Training & Certification

Understanding the latest technology is critical to business success in today's hyper-connected world. With hands-on training that's based on real-world experience and cross-industry expertise, we help your people develop the skills necessary to move the dial.

Lean Organizational Transformation

Lean Transformation encompasses all of Point B's OPI practice and wraps it into one organized framework for your people—helping you transform your organization into a well-oiled machine. Our unique approach to Lean Six Sigma includes project leadership and operational effectiveness as well as operations and process improvements. We emphasize a balanced approach to drive sustainable, continuous improvement—promoting a culture of respect and accountability mechanisms to make change stick, as well as offering best practices and tools.

Strategy Deployment

It's one thing to develop a strategy, and quite another to get your organization to follow your strategy. We develop cross-functional, cross-departmental road maps that help build sustainable, transformative change as you deploy your strategy.