Transformation is the name of the game. These days, change is the only constant—so you have to stay nimble, adapting to changing market forces and new customer demands. It can be challenging to stay organized and focused in that kind of environment. 

We'll work with you to make change a reality—and help your people execute at their best. We'll clarify your vision, make sure it's a good fit with your culture, and help you manage change with your people. 

Our Expertise

Organizational Assessment & Design

If your people aren't organized and working as one, you’re missing out on efficiencies, productivity and engagement. We can help you design organization structures that align with your strategic objectives. Whether you need fine tuning, moderate adjustments or a complete redesign of your organization, we will help you get aligned. We customize our approach to meet your objectives, circumstances and culture.

Transformational Change Management

Constant change is the new normal - are you and your people keeping pace? Achieve sustainable results from your change efforts with an empathy-driven plan that engages your leaders and employees alike. We'll work with you to identify your people's barriers to change, organizational hurdles that exist, and the culture shift that is needed to get there thrive in the new normal.

Talent Strategies

Each organization is as unique as its business strategy—and how you align, manage, develop and retain talent should reflect that uniqueness. We'll bring our diverse skills to bear in designing and executing talent strategy and initiatives. We can help you identify, adapt, or implement a comprehensive talent strategy, or design facets of that strategy to match specific demands of your business. 

Workforce Effectiveness

As companies evolve and move toward the future of work, organizations need to align around a vision of future-ready talent and new modes of working. As a strategic thought leader in this space, Point B is uniquely positioned to help you and your employees move to that next phase in your organizational journey. We’ll help you identify what needs to change and how much, as well as what change interventions are needed to drive and support adoption by your employees.