It's a confounding fact of business: Year after year, across organizations of all sizes and industries, studies show that over half of all transformative initiatives ultimately fail. These struggles can equate to enormous losses—in time, money, opportunity and morale.

Failed strategies often emerge from isolated annual planning exercises that occur every 3 to 5 years. These waterfall-like efforts leave little room to manage the increasing pace and scale of change. While there is value in these rote planning processes, more nimble approaches can balance the need to sustain core business needs while building the enterprise of the future.

Our strategy capabilities can help you increase confidence in a new direction and position your organization to deliver on the results promised.

Our Expertise

Adaptive Strategy

Traditional multi-year strategy development approaches can be rigid and limit the ability of an organization to adjust quickly from a planned direction. Our Adaptive Strategy methodology helps organizations develop and manage a portfolio of investments through rapid test and learn cycles that enable nimble start, stop, accelerate and pivot decisions.

Innovation & Growth

For organizations seeking new sources of revenue, our "Growth Gap" methodology helps you understand your innovation needs with more clarity. Then we help you close that gap by building the capacity and culture to innovate internally, or partner with others (including your customers) to innovate collaboratively.

Strategy Translation

Strategy translation is an oft overlooked, invaluable bridge to execution. Effective translation increases confidence that a strategy will deliver on its promises by providing a framework for leadership and delivery teams to articulate, defend, and promote a vision for the enterprise and the integrated planning required to deliver results.

Product Compass

A Product Compass© enables companies to define an executable product vision, strategy, and roadmap that aligns functional teams and key stakeholders around a shared trajectory to achieve market success. The Product Compass© helps companies establish a clear direction for their product innovations by answering three key questions: Why does this product exist? What value does the product aspire to create? And, how will the product create that value?