Women of Point B (WPB) is Point B’s community of empowered women (and their allies) dedicated to advancing the personal and professional goals of women at our company.

Women of Point B is dedicated to building a Point B where women are:

  • Empowered to achieve their unique version of personal and professional goals,  
  • Supported by both organizational structure and a passionate community, and  
  • Treated equitably as individuals and as a group.  

Women of Point B exists to empower women to achieve their unique definition of success. WPB will draw upon a diverse mix of professionals across the firm to break-down barriers faced by women in the workplace and advocate for tools, solutions, and structure required for women to succeed. WPB will serve as a community for women to support one another, grow together, and strive for excellence.   

Our people and perspectives

Olivia Duenow, Senior Consultant and BRG Lead
I am constantly amazed by the women of Point B. Without a doubt, they are among the most intelligent, most ambitious, and most well-rounded professionals in consulting. Our Women of Point B BRG brings these women together in community to support each other, remove barriers, and push for gender parity in the workplace and beyond. I leave each WPB event feeling inspired, encouraged, and ready to take on the world! Olivia Duenow, Senior Consultant and BRG Lead
Jill Going, Chief People Officer
I left a previous employer in part because I couldn’t find female leadership examples of how I could reach my career aspirations, be a mom, and make an impact in my community. I joined Point B and found a place where my personal and professional goals and ambitions were not only possible – they were celebrated. I am excited for the launch of WPB and how it will continue to strengthen what we have, increase our potential for more, and build opportunities for women at Point B. Jill Going, Chief People Officer

International Women's Day 2021

For International Women's Day (IWD), we hosted a panel discussion to discuss this year's IWD theme, Choose to Challenge. Christie Dziubek, Ghinwa Naja, Kim Illige, and SiSi Pouraghabagher shared great insights on how allies can support women, how mentorship plays a role in women's success and how continuing to uplift the unique perspectives and talents of women make us all better and brighter.

We look forward to celebrating the amazing women in our lives this month in honor of Women's History Month and all year long.

Let 2021 be the year where we Choose to Challenge!

Point B'ers recognize the amazing women in their lives

We’re grateful for all of the outstanding women in our communities, at our customers and here at Point B. But don’t just take our word for it… hear from a few Point B’ers about some of the women we’re particularly honored to have in our world.