Point B really came along with us on this journey. They took us through a learning and proof-of-concept process that increased  support at the leadership level and enabled us to look at our talent infrastructure in a completely different way. We're taking a holistic view that eliminates the barriers between talent acquisition and talent development. 

Cate Prescott

Chief People Officer and SVP, NI

Project Outcomes

NI is better able to put its employee-first brand of workforce planning into action and build a workforce that’s ready for what’s next. This includes:

  • A new level of leadership understanding and support for workforce planning, which is co-owned by HR and functional business leaders across the company
  • A dynamic five-phase framework for workforce planning
  • A step-by-step playbook with resources, tools, and templates
  • Governance models and roles to fully support workforce planning
  • A top-down assessment tool to identify future workforce needs
  • An Excel-based data model for detailed workforce requirements
  • A dedicated leader and timebound plan for prioritized implementation

Win. Win. Win.

NI’s approach to workforce planning avoids the talent waste typical of boom-and-bust employment cycles that come with rapid change. By giving employees the transparency to see what skill sets will be needed in the future and giving them a path to develop them, everyone wins.

The business saves time and money by developing their employees’ full potential and retaining great people.

Employees are empowered to gain new skills in an organization that values their latent talent and supports their career development.

Customers benefit from partnering with a resourceful, talent-rich company with deep domain expertise that’s ready to respond to—even anticipate—their changing needs.


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